Lee’s Way

Lee’s Way

We each have our own path to success. It’s unfortunate that not everyone can find that path that is ready or them.
Of course, it might just not be the right time for a new business venture and there is no clear path at this time, but we can help.

In order to start an online business that leads to success there are not too many requirements, so focus on the main ones right from the start and avoid those distractions that almost everyone encounters.

What is your end game?
How do you define success and why do you want it?

Find a helper
Books and research can only take you so far.
A mentor can save enormous amounts of time and frustration if you can communicate your
end game properly.
An accountability partner will keep you on track and help you over obstacles because that
persons goals are the same as yours – you must reciprocate.

Choose one path your mentor helps you select.
Do not change direction – once you’ve turned left or right at the fork in the road, only hindrances are on both sides – focus.

Stay on that path – temptations and “shortcuts” will leave you lost.

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Lee’s Way

Lee’s Way

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