My Favorite Software

Anyone who has been involved with computers has their favorite software, tools, and tricks.

Mine are a mixture of paid and free, but all have something in common – they find things for me.

All too frequently I need to find a file or folder and have no idea where (if) I have “filed” it.

Even if I only have part of the name of the software product, ebook, source material,
content… the list goes on, my software can quickly get me to it.

How about seconds to find any file or folder?

I just click on my installed freeware “Search Everything” and I have a list of occurrences
of the file or folder that I have in my head and typed into the search.

This has saved me hours, or days of frustration to get ahold of something I need when
I click the mouse, not some time in the future (if ever).

I used a similar tool a number of years ago, but it took hours of running an indexing
procedure before it wasready to be used – and it crashed too often.

My email client (now don’t give up on me) is Thunderbird.

While it is not cloud based, which most of you insist on, it has fantastic, flexible search
features that are justabout instantaneous – and I am a saver – huge numbers
of emails going back decades if you include my archives.

My cannot-do-without software is a paid PIM (personal information manager) called InfoSelect.

I have had it since it first appeared as Tornado Notes in the eighties or nineties.

I can type or copy anything into it free form and find any word or part of a word,
or combinations of words in an instant, no matter how many years later.

However, rather than just typing randomly (which works) it is much better to use
the structure of Files, Folders, and Notes It has features I will never use
(because I just don’t want to take the time to learn them).

I cannot imagine my life without this software.

I even have one file Where Things Are, which has folders like My House
and notes like Garage, which contain things like lawn mower (big things)
and ratchet socket kit, and kayaking item totes 1,2,3 etc.
and can instantly find where anything I took the time to enter (and keep
updated) is located. Same for my business plans, ideas, notes from webinars,
products I own, use, or should use.

Great for serial numbers, expiration dates, to-do lists, thoughts about people,
products, or anything you would like to know at a later date.

Copy and paste allows moving things around with ease – and on and on and on.

I just wanted to share this information with you and would like to hear
what your favorite software tools, tips, or tricks are – just share them here

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My Favorite Software

My Favorite Software

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