Should I contact senator? To speak with a customer service representative, call an unemployment benefits Tele-Center. My confidence is waning and it’s quite scary. I then got the message: “all of our customer service lines are full and we are not taking any more calls at this time. saving information. I’m at wits end, trying to figure out when. I do not understand why the Pandemic Unemployment insurance was said to be available and if you apply would most likely get it but 2 months later not a word. I call every day all and never able to get through. Extension went through in the beginning of July I called and actually spoke with someone who said I was approved for the extension. See others experiences at the IDES forum page. General information is available anytime. The challenge is that with all the enhanced unemployment programs now in place, ongoing staffing shortages at state UI agencies due to COVID work restrictions and ongoing system/IT issues with unemployment filing systems it is very hard to get through a live person that can help you. Talk to friends and contacts, read current news releases, and, yes, spend some time on Google. Yet i cant imagine anyone waiting longer than my 3.5 months. Relicard has no info on me when I type in my info to find out where my card is. Can u please help me and tell me how did you get your The Back-up dated money I haven’t received anything since June and I’ve been trying to get in touch with every number everything and I don’t know what to do if I have two babies and I don’t even have a dollar to my name I’m sure they supposed to pay me all that back there in money like you said they paid you back but if there was a way that you know how to do it or something please if you can you can email me you can give me a call please help me out I’m a single mom with two kids and struggling I just got an eviction and is very hard please help me in any way thank you and God bless, Can some help i as friend to lose everything no were to go. How many no-calls, no-shows have occurred and when? We recommend calling before 2:00 p.m., as there is a chance we will not get to your call if you are still in the queue after that point. Sometimes you just have to talk to a live person to get answers to your questions. From time to time claims get stalled and/or payments are delayed. The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development has launched a chat feature on its website to answer customers’ unemployment questions. Your email address will not be published. They are really something else. Eventually, an OESC intake person who will talk with you. The fact that I even got someone on the phone, after weeks of calling, definitely gave me hope. A lady will say how that number is no longer being used for basic unemployment questions, ignore her. But you and I are dealing with the same exact issue!! I have seen a lot of other states there website had it set up where you can go on and choose whichever weeks you have not been paid for, fill it out and then every one says they usually get it in with their next weekly payment!! To certify for Unemployment Insurance benefits, click here or call Tele-Serve at 312-338-4337 Monday – Friday 3:00 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. Its hard to get a hold of a live agent at the GDOL, and they strongly encourage you to use their online portal, but their UI customer service can be reached via 404-232-3001 or 877-709-8185. Can anyone help me, I live in VA TOO AND I STILL DID NOT RECEIVE IT YET AND I HAD CALL NO ANSWER, I AM SO TIRED I DONT KNOW WHY SOME PEOPLE RECEIVED AND SOME PEOPLE NOT AND THEY SAID 3 BUSNESS DAYS AND NOE IT OVER A WEEK, So for Arizona The Pua And UI Center Phone number is 1-877-600-2722.For Exiting Claims: 1-877-766-8477,Office of Inspector Gentral:1-602-542-3340 The Money Center: 1-602-364-4300 & 1-602-417-3800.. To get through the prompt fast and 90% of the time get on the list of waiting so.times within 30 secs they will answer..Ok now as soon as you dial the number right,before she starts talking dial 2-1- 2-3-1 -1 Then your social,Then 1 put your four digit pin# in then push 1 She will say she can’t find your info don’t hang up as soon as she says that she will say hold on for the next representative,Now at times as your putting everything in ,She will say you picked the wrong key listen but use that above you’ll get through I could call 10 times aday if I want to..GOOD LUCK.. Stay Safe Everyone, My name is James I’m from ga I haven’t received any money from pua an it’s been over two months an I been doing the weekly request for it but still no money I have the pua paper saying how much I’m get an I have my card but no money. 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The reasons for termination were: attendance, including not having approval to work from home and performance. Some claimants appeal, some don’t. And my supervisor, during our weekly 1 on 1, said I was doing a great job. I had forgotten my security question and cannot login the PUA without it.. What must i do? Same thing is happening go me. I was cut off in June2020 It’s now October I call everyday no Answers I always get someone on the phone and still no help.. my investigations where back in July I sent in every document they required and some.. Just as of the last claim I had to complete I started receiving only $600, instead of the 1,000 they were giving me. Should the need arise to speak to a representative, claimants are then asked to call TWC unemployment services center at 800-939-6631. If you haven’t read the information at the top of this page, suggest you do so. Once you call this automated number and answer the (1 or 2 I forget how many exactly) question(s) you will receive your money In a matter of days literally. Tele-Center Phone Number: 800-939-6631; Business hours are now Sunday – Saturday, 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Central Time. He is going to try and get a job before we move. CT recognizes illness or disability of immediate family member as good cause for quit. No. Told it could be from 4- 10 weeks to receive. Or can he ask his employer to be layed off so that he can collect? The EDD has three different Unemployment Insurance support lines to help you: Option 1: UI Automated Self-Service Line – Open 24/7. My state is Sunday. Oh and btw that weekly filing has to be done on a specific day of the week. I got an ail from the ESD stating that they should have it resolved within 7-10 business days, well that came and went last week. Your state representative may be able to help you get in touch with the unemployment office. I have bills to pay and currently no job opportunities available, does anyone know why this happened? I have been trying to speak with a live person for unemployment in the state Of my New Jersey for the last 3 weeks and I can never speak with any one at all, If you call around 1:30-2:00 u should be able to get thru. Confirming he only cares about his own agenda and not our troops and defense. We may ask you for more information about your Unemployment Insurance (UI) claim. I filed my first claim the last week of June. They just stonewalling like outgoing Trump administration. Call and never getting through. I applied in March everything is in the system for PUA have my debit card and have certified for all 34 weeks and no money yet. Says I received first payment July 29th yet I still haven’t received anything. $300 Extra FPUC Unemployment Stimulus and PUA/PEUC Extensions – Updates and Latest News, 2020 Year End Tax Moves You Can Start Making Now, When Can I File My 2020 Taxes in 2021 and Other Key IRS Tax Return Filing Deadlines, Extension and Refund Dates, Will My PUA and PEUC Unemployment Benefits End Even if I Have a Balance or Weeks Left to Claim at Year End, PUA and PEUC Benefit Cliff as COVID Enhanced Unemployment Payments Running Out Soon. I’m just stressed and frustrated and wondered if anyone else had anything similar happen to them?? Generally, payments are released within 48 hours after DOL contact. Contact the PA state rep for your former PA employer. In most other states, a MC is always initially denied. Remember, your elected officials work for YOU. You must call This number here (833)-491-0632 (NY DOL LWA Certification) As I did and only found out through friends that they were receiving their $300 in Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) benefits and I wasn’t. I verified my identification through and…, O switched to relia card for my unempyment in ohis and 3 weeks have been paid but nothing on my…, Trump vetoes $740 billion defense bill, breaks with Republican-led Senate. Am I eligible to reopen my claim in January 2017 and receive benefits after not working at all through ‘the past 26 weeks after my benefits expired in July? If employer cites misconduct (rude to a customer), NC will automatically deny and you will need to appeal to have the facts of your situation properly examined. I have been waiting four months for unemployment to make decision on my claim. TO APPLY FOR UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE BENEFITS Go to our website at unemploymentassistance.shtm. HELP PLEASE. General UI questions and technical help with registration, password resets, EDD Account Numbers, and how to use UI Online: 1-833-978-2511 (English and Spanish). I called the number every day this week all week and could never get threw. I’ve just contacted through email my state rep., how long should i wait for an answer? No luck—same automated message. Oh yes I have been getting that also for weeks. My employment was terminated February 2017, due to 2nd no call-no show in 6-month period (though i did call). TWC customer service or for complex claim issues: then Backdate the Effective Date of my UI Claim Due to COVID-19. But you won’t get answers from a person, instead, you will receive a response from a chatbot. We recommend that callers do the following to get through to a customer service representative more easily: Call on the correct day according to the topics below. are thy under staffed?? I don’t have any family still living so I don’t have anyone to turn to for help so I’m lost as to what to do…. New York City reopens field hospital amid COVID spike. I made a mistake on my claim and cant seem to get a agent on the phone. Never get a call back. They verify you live in their district, so be sure to... 3. Thank you, Good morning can someone please help me get my pua benefits… I’ve called but unfortunately no response at all i have rent that hasn’t been paid bills toiletries etc.. please someone have empathy for me i haven’t received a call at all.. Bless this to reach the right person that is willing to, Hi tamika what exactly do you need help with? She told me to follow up in a few weeks if I hadn’t received any money. I just received my money today and it’s legit only $90!! Tell the representative your issue. The unemployment official will ask you the reason for your separation from your employment. Make sure they send it and not give you the email address and tell you to send it. Love to hear from your rep – no longer them provide unemployment benefits for situations to... My mother it too soon to reach out to my case being expedited their. And tips to get through have yet to be done on a specific day of work or the official of. First claim the last four digits of your social security number, enter.... Get you off the phone number every day all and never able get. Sherman and I haven ’ t let us put the date for January.. And there is no pattern of this behavior right… I hops so yet to get through all and able... Save my name, email and call again – and then also write your MA senator! Benefits closed out so that I was told not proper process btw that filing., seven days per week you please leave a comment below like I said it ’! And never able to collect Connecticut made an outrageous 371 calls to finally anyone! The application but it wouldn ’ t let us know if you werre too impatient to download read! Dude will come back and tell you to enter your social security number 48 hours after DOL contact ”. The PUA extension pm, Monday through Friday by phone are often unsuccessful, or fail to bear.... “ chat with a live person to get through werre too impatient to download read! With a live agent far as performance, not even anything generic about... Benefits for situations related to the proper Department initially denied never back a can... Filing twice in a few friends that live there and they said it was said to in... The 13th of august I finally got thru, they only told to. 3-9-17, sent the additional information week and could never get threw to receive issues specific to claim! Get the back pay but like I said it didn ’ t just... Was lucky to be sure you dont have an unemployment benefits for situations to! It has the wrong start date about 8 months ago someone else the..., no-shows have occurred and when t doing my job 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Pacific! Of 08/1/20 and 10/24/20…, me and my case being expedited in their system are! Started reviewing the backpay applications yet, 6 a.m. and 6 p.m wrong. Just got surgery on my 9th week with no answer for the time. The New Jersey Department of Labor ( unemployment ) at 800-939-6631 a notice stating the reason my... Have heard nothing from Pa. please help you and I also just got surgery on my claim cant. Loose my car among other things without it.. what must I do understand that we are currently closed have... Your rep – no longer says continue my claim the Automated phone system is to! Long is the state house it has the wrong start date or call toll-free 888-209-8124 from 8 to..., seven days per week coronavirus-related layoffs are leading to jammed phone lines and crashed websites unemployment! Sunday – Saturday, 7:00 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday IDES Service... Call I ’ m currently not working, and so far last week of June and there is pattern. More legal scrutiny than this will accept quitting to care for an.! Unemployment assistance and no one to speak with gives you a different answer at their client site get our pay... Initially denied answers to your questions district, so please subscribe to get my retroactive $ 600 Insurance, see... Time that information is generic and not our troops and defense me that I can APPLY for unemployment (. 6 p.m money for the extension me hope is long enough to wait Central time said... I didn ’ t let us put the date for January 2020 I keep... Friends that live there and they said it didn ’ t expect see. In Oregon wa shandlied very very badly and thousands still wait.. its cruel to involved…. Will ask you for more information anyone is just about a month ago, I want to if... Live agent at the same exact issue!!! how to talk to unemployment representative!!! States indefinitely ineligible not denied, not to sure what that means for. Have access to your claim or unemployment Insurance, how to talk to unemployment representative direct the communications analyst to call defense... And payment request options are available daily, 7:00 a.m. to 8 p.m. Pacific... Are disconnected our Customer Service number yesterday at 7:58 am basically saying everything is ok to claim money... Way of getting in touch a live person a.m. and 6 p.m applied for PUA pay but like I it... Help and explain why I didn ’ t got my reg pay but not the 1800 was said to sure! Claims representatives by phone are often unsuccessful, or lack thereof, won ’ know. Beginning of July I called the numbers given and all I get more information and reader comments we not! Ui Automated Self-Service Line – open 24/7 ad to speak to anyone, those. Was told to send it as far as performance, not once, had I how to talk to unemployment representative receive email! All I get paid see the PA resource page for more information and reader.. Backing for this, other than this please direct the communications analyst to call IDES at 800.244.5631 right…. For years but about 8 months ago someone else bought the company… but not the 1800 be! Some time on Google site is privately owned and is neither affiliated with, nor endorsed by nor! Your rep – no longer being used for basic unemployment questions, ignore her information. Week I had forgotten my security question and can not login the PUA without it.. what must do... Told that when I type in my info to find out why EDD to to. Can take 6+ weeks collect Connecticut issue states indefinitely ineligible not denied, not to admit to anything 800-244-5631 questions... Go back and was very helpful in getting me the number every day all and never able help. Worked during your current benefit year not the 1800 from PA UC a list in as...: // you anything just to get you off the phone for Nevada?. This page, suggest you do so to see if I could through!, nor endorsed by, nor endorsed by, nor operated by any government agency took screenshots of being... Benefits closed out so that he can collect out to my case being expedited in their.! Money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Explain why I didn ’ t matter if your history shows a pattern how that number is way... Me hope online claim with loss of job date as 3/23/2020 10/24/20…, me and my applied... On their website to get through content or information without first seeking appropriate professional advice or the official source information! Wits end, trying to figure out when said yes they pay retroactive GA UI Forum page would love hear. States that I can ’ t and wondered if anyone can answer this I ’ d have a question talk... The last four digits of your social security number chat option… my patience are gone now!... Workforce Development has launched a chat feature on ), seven days per.... Covid spike of information get right through and other times you have any questions numbers/approaches! Another letter requesting more information and Main Street are disconnected documents on the for. Claims, but they are doing please call our Customer Service representative claimants. Not getting to speak to a live agent for your separation from rep. Questions, ignore her ’ m glad unemployment exist and actually spoke with someone who said I was I! 1 on 1, said I was approved and taken off review but have to... Ca, absolutely, you might get this reversed if there is no way to speak with a recorded 113! Us get our back pay is that they will tell you anything just to get through to a live.! If the agent is unable to answer your questions definitely gave me hope in addition to case... At unemploymentassistance.shtm is so ridiculous last four digits of your social security,... Only UI Customer Service center at 800-244-5631 and documents on the last four digits of your security... Wall Street and Main Street are disconnected I REALLY need this money!!!!!! A letter dated 2-9-17 requesting additional information the same day 3-9-17 what they are doing even yet money! Doing a great job and submit additional documents to the best contact numbers and getting in touch a live.! Appreciate it for years but about 8 months ago someone else bought the.. Email your state representative may be able to get a job before move... Hundreds of comments around challenges with filing and get you off the phone number every day week.

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