Tips To Get Attention

Today you must have unique content
to make yourself heard.

Every minute of every day more content is published.

It’s no longer enough to have great content –
it must stand apart from the crowd.

It’s got to deliver value in a unique way
with a radical new perspective.

Here are some ideas you can use.

Try new content formats.

For example, try an infographic instead of an article,
or perhaps make a video.

Use eye catching headlines and make them really pop.

If you can trigger emotions, curiosity, or a burning need
to know what’s in your article, you’ve got a good headline.

For the content itself, either present something unique,
or present the content in a way no one else has.

Yes, it’s a tall order but it’s something to aspire to.

Tell stories.
It’s hard to go wrong if you become a great story teller.

In fact, people will revisit your blog just to read new ones.

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Welcome To Market Over 50

Welcome To Market Over 50

Tips To Get Attention

Tips To Get Attention

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