Polar Customer Care says that officially these sensors are not supported with Vantage. I did changed the battery and using Ant+. Most riders will start to fade after about 30-45 seconds…but it’s very hard to tell. Nice, but sad that “the little trick” is totally useless, as long Garmin does not allow to assign sensors to the used gear (i. e. bike). Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. When I’m not wearing H10, both sensors work in every app/device. I believe this is an issue with the Ploar unit. Personally I don’t have a problem with editing an XML file to force behaviors their UI doesn’t allow, and I would have no problem at reverting the XML file to factory spec before making a support request. Cadence Sensor:460h. What a piece of shit. It’s not a huge deal since I’ve only added about 35 miles on the new bike, but thought I’d ask. Only the Garmin-branded side of these devices seems to be shown in any photos (here or on the Garmin store site) and there’s no mention of battery recharging, or cables included. I thought it would also sync in the background automatically (without a need to open the app actively). Hi, My question is, do I need a garmin watch or will the data transfer to the garmin app on my phone? Actually I need to buy a new one and I have to choose between the wahoo and the Garmin. Can someone tell me wat program is being used to generate the graphs with rainbows rows for HR zone, etc? Mostly it hasn’t in the past due to lack of Bluetooth Smart. Tanks for the review! I guess it’s a fw issue. I see you have used it successfully on Zwift for cadence sensor but your review didn’t seem to have both used together. Where do you purchase the secondary rubber? It should have a little light illuminate briefly when you do that. Yes i have the correct wheel circumference. Also, do at least one rotation of your crank arm before you head outside, simply to validate there’s no clearance issues – especially if you have a super high-end triathlon bike with extremely low clearance to the frame. The time the Speed Sensor gets may be UTC. Why? If you’re trying to decide which unit to buy – check out my in-depth reviews section. Here’s that data set: In addition, towards the end I did some super quick spin-ups, upwards of 180RPM. If you’ve got an Edge x30 device, you can set it to exclude the duplicate recording on the sensor. Features ANT+ and Bluetooth low energy compatible speed and cadence sensor Attaches with included zip-ties to the frame Includes mounts, sensor and magnets Sensor kit required for Giant NEOs ANT+ … Same procedure (including several attempts to associate device to Garmin connect app) They seem much better than Polar’s own sensors. There’s nothing mysterious about these Bluetooth Smart profiles – they’ve been around a half a decade now and tons of apps use them. They do work in my case, flawlessly with a Garmin Edge 130 – but this is not my point. Or save yourself some nerves and time and just bin it. If it’s not there, follow the steps to pair it using bluetooth. based on my recent experience with Garmin sensors (speed and cadence) is that it seems that if the device connects through the ANT+ channel, it no longer records the ride for offline sync. Many readers stumble into my website in search of information on the latest and greatest sports tech products. You don’t have to sync every time, just whenever you want. During the jump, the normal force is gone. Garmin always defines availability in quarters, and so we’re in Q2. Working with RWGPS, everything seems fine. The problem I found with trying to use an iPhone as a bike computer is battery life. I had no issues with the Speed Sensor 2 since it’s on the list. There’s a lot of nuance on some of the BT specs that is just more ‘simple’ on ANT+. Overkill, yes. What does it say if you send it to Garmin Connect or somewhere other than Strava? Exactly my thought. Can you please share your thoughts? after couple of rides, I can say that my new Speed Sensor 2 is NOT working with my Polar Vantage M, but producing rubbish (switching between real speed and 15.7 kph every second). What I’ve experienced in these three days is the following: Do you have the same problem? This app is not a bad “bike computer” it is free and seems to work with any blue tooth sensor. My guess is that I’m being exposed to the ‘jitter’ exposed to the device sampling rate and the ant+ broadcast being slightly out of sync. Stays on the bike at the moment more in hope than expectation, but it’s junk. great reviews as always – thanks. Do you notice a latency for cadence? For comparison I did collect the data in parallel with a Gamin Vivosmart 4 (probably not the best reference but the one easily available for me). I haven’t heard of anything there. And lastly, if you felt this review was useful – I always appreciate feedback in the comments below. Cumbersome procedure, but flawless uninterrupted connection from both sensors. So help ! I just installed my sensor and had the impression that it was recording double (watch said 30km/hr and my perception was more a 15km/20km hr), You may need to check settings for your wheel size. Garmin Support says there is an open case on it and engineers are working on a fix. My old bike’s wheel magnet speed sensor (bontrager speedtrap), the garmin ziptie to chain stay, the front wheel sensor, all dead on and very responsive. Would that prohibition apply to the sensor itself? I was thinking about buying a Garmin Edge 530 given my Forerunner 245 watch seemed to be less suitable for the cycling I did over the last weeks but then came across this sensor bundle. I drained the internet in search for a solution/ workaround with iPhone but I found nothing. They actually measure wheel rotations. In this case, I started off at normal cadence (80-100RPM), and then I slowly crept down to 21RPM, at which point it dropped out (as expected). Why not just one set of pedals, or chainrings, or bottom bracket? Ask and you shall receive: link to museumtramlijn.org. it is 3 days I’m using the speed sensor on my commute bike. 100% fail, 100% of the time. the features of the products didn’t mention this. Looks about right for the tire sizes I have. Made a suggestion to Garmin sometime ago, and this is partly there….. Safer to use manual calibration, where the number never changes. I want to simultaneously connect using ANT+ to my Lezyne and BT to my iPhone. There’s no other Bluetooth Smart cadence or speed sensor on the market that accepts dual Bluetooth Smart connections, let alone one that accepts dual Bluetooth Smart connections plus an ANT+ connection. This sensor is not on the list of available devices in the Connect app. People like you Ray are listened to. Thanks! The official Garmin UK websites says “Available 2nd Quarter 2019” ( see link to buy.garmin.com ). Having a big upward acceleration (one to push you up, one to keep you from sinking into the ground) before and after will help define the interval of the jump. It’s a core feature of the device and one Garmin has often advertised. Would using the speed sensor while on a trainer allow the edge 520 to record distance for that training? If my experience could help, I had the exact same problem as you describe with the combination Garmin Edge 520 and Magene Gemini 200 speed sensor. However, I’d also like to have a head unit displaying the data. It also repeats everything twelve times. The feature of recording the ride without any app/device connected in real-time makes it particularly sweet for track cycling, since visible Garmin devices are forbidden in most velodromes. Thought if turning off GPS battery life of the Fenix would be greatly extended (already use an external HRM strap and Bluetooth is off) However, both speed & cadence sensors work with my Garmin Edge 130. But Garmin decided to add a unique feature to this new speed sensor that gives it ‘value’ for on-road cyclists: Offline caching of your workouts. At the moment I log these rides with my Garmin Vivoactive 3, but I need to remember to start it. Once I’m done with the flotilla of them that I now have, I’ll get them back to Garmin here in the near future – and most likely go out and get my own to equip some of my bike fleet here. I have a OnePlus 5 using Garmin Connect Mobile Android 4.19.1 I have paired the Speed Sensor 2 without any problems. Cheers. If the sync progress bar immediately completes, then your sensor is fully synched and you can go to your Cycling Activities. can you post a photo of the old vs. new cadence sensor thickness / stack height I aim to leave no stone unturned. I am currently considering getting the sensor bundle and pair it with my Forerunner to get the additional accuracy on speed and cadence while cycling and holding on with the purchase of an Edge 530. S3+ Speed/Cadence Dual Mode Sensor One Device, Four Uses. Is there any benefit to using a separate cadence sensor over the cadence being detected by a power meter? So ultimately, it’ll save you money in a bundle versus having to go out and buy a 3rd party sensor that costs more. Again, for 99% of bikes out there, that won’t be an issue. I should add that to calibrate the speed sensor to my spinner which has a gear ratio of approximately 3 flywheel revolutions to one pedal revolution I use a wheel circumference of 1675mm which gives me a speed of 15mph at a cadence of 80. I have exactly same problem with Garmin Speed Sensor 2 and Polar Vantage V… On outdoor riding or home on trainer… I tried to reconnect it, change batteries on speed sensor but nothing worked… speed is going 25-15-27-15-26-15- and so on…. Other features: waterproof, portable, light and accurate data. Anyone see any potential issues with this setup? I bought the sensors based on this review but it turned out that the review was superficial regarding iPhone connectivity. I seem to remember that Garmin Connect allows a different calibration for each workout (if you don’t upload the GPS track). Any other ideas? You can click here to Subscribe without commenting. Oh, and if you happen to buy the combo box? I have these two sensors and use it with Ride with GPS and Polar Vantage M, both over BLE. If you’re new around these parts, here’s the long version of my story. You can force the upload of the missing rides by turning the wheel 2 times and the sync in garmin connect mobile. I’ve also done countless rides between my doorstep and office door, and ended up with near precisely the same distance each time. Paired with Wahoo fitness there is no drop. The cache function for a speed/cadence is not really useful comparing to caching HR rate in Polar OH1+. It looks super similar to Garmin’s past magnetless sensor, albeit an itty-bitty-bit different in terms of some slants. Inside the accelerometer, the sensor is compressed by the actions of gravity and the formal forces. So how would you get the sensor on a hub in the first place? Hi Paul, thanks. ive got a 510 for example? Zero latency. Helpful. I highly doubt that many people would swap speed sensors between different bikes a lot. Gravity is just a curvature of space-time. GC should now that both of them were recorded in the same time and main unit should be priority. This app uses the GPS built into your phone. Perhaps a weird question, but is there some cheap head unit or display option that I can use to aggregate devices? I will definitively go and buy one! For those with the 530/830/1030 you can enable a deduplication feature where the Edge tells the sensor not to record. I’m headed to Washington DC – what do you recommend for training? (I just got a new bike, with 700×40 tires, and the 2200 mm number I found on the Web works fine.). Can I send this data to the phone as well just like the wahoo sensors so that i can use the phone as console. Magene S3+ Speed/Cadence Sensor for Cycling, ANT+/Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Bicycle. How Can i save only One pr. Ray — I’ll point out another perspective. I think mine has only 2 cm or 3 cm diameter. You may opt out at any time by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link that appears at the bottom of each of our emails. Or, you could just disable the pairing to Garmin Connect Mobile. The earth’s field is pretty weak, and it’s easy to find fields stronger than it, like perhaps from an electronic derailleur which undoubtedly has flowing currents and maybe permanent magnets in the actuators. You’ll use your phone, via the Garmin Connect smartphone app. it dosen´t work with my Polar Vantage. The good, the bad, and the ugly. powermeter) must be hidden to that it cannot be read by the riders. Any luck pairing and using these with an Apple Watch? will this pair with a vivoactive3 to get heart rate in the same file? It isn’t required for the pairing with your Garmin devices. Front when had some kind of Shimano dynamo in the hub, and the speed 2 recorded speeds of up to 200km/hr. Looking for the equipment I use day to day? Add wrist HR to that! The speed sensor can hold 300 hours of activity data. Interested in the bundle version – just bought the “old” one but it’s still in shipping from the store so can always return it and get the new one if the timing and cost equation work out. I’m confuesd. It should works and could be comfortable if you have more than one bike. Ultimately, here’s my troubleshooting: Great reviews. Does anyone else use this speed sensor on a back hub for indoor training. Neither are some trainers. In general the sensor is preferred because it’s more accurate, and that’s what is used. The Magnetless Cadence Sensor uses an accelerometer to detect rotations instead of magnetic movements. ….because with o-synce (another old type device) it is not – it’s pairing without problems, but the readings are more than inconsistent. He’s a fairly technical guy and I know he gut-checked some of those numbers (not sure if he actually measured them or not). There’s no other Bluetooth Smart cadence or speed sensor on the market that accepts dual Bluetooth Smart connections, let alone one that accepts dual Bluetooth Smart connections plus … Thank you! Cheers from Belgium, If I look at my previous Polar Vantage V ride on Friday, I don’t see any dropouts (below). Is there more coming? Thanks. GPS will record speed. It looks like a fairly logical way of preventing duplicate entries in Garmin Connect but given things are a bit rough with the stability of this products it might be a bug as well . I recently started to migrate from primarily running into cycling and got a new road bike. Any thoughts? I don’t care about my HR on this ride, nor the ride back in an hour. Thanks for a great article. The Lifeline Speed & Cadence Sensor is Bluetooth 4.0 and Ant+ compatible. But I think there are still some Garmin watches and maybe even low end cycling devices that don’t support cycling speed sensors, so they’ll use GPS. The sync-circle gets full only after i synced 5(days)*2(rides) times…. You’ll end up with your bike upside down, outside of your bunker of a parking space, in the rain just because you’re worried that any weather protection will somehow prevent your phone from uploading rides, rotating the wheel to keep the sensor awake and repeatedly disabling and enabling BT on your phone while hoping that Connect can sync more than one ride at a time (hint: it won’t). Worried abut the reply from Garmin service regarding the possibility to use this sensors only in Garmin apps. Hi, I have the same problem with sensors bought 1 week ago. Any thoughts ? But if you really want to know, try it. Then check out the massive list of everything, from $150 off the Garmin Fenix 6, plus big deals on Apple, GoPro, Suunto, Polar, Samsung, Withings, and many more! How does a tire dimensioned 20×2.15 have a circumference of 801mm??? This post will be part ‘finally!’, and part ‘as expected’. On the Edge x30 series (530/830/1030) you can disable it though. This feature means that the sensor will automatically start a new workout (sans-GPS) every time you start pedaling. The worst sensor ever. It does not work in practice. Just one thing: please don’t ride 59.1mph on your cargo bike, with or without your children in it . But more on my plans a bit later. Then there is an option in the app to upload the ride (or run) to Strava. Usually only a few per hour. I’m even more unlucky than you. I set the wheel size with 27.5 mm as my bike size. Then add it (add the ANT+ variant if available, so you don’t eat up any of the Bluetooth channels, as there’s unlimited ANT+ channels but only two Bluetooth Smart channels): You can specify your wheel’s circumference, which is required for it determining distance. I’ve sorted it all by world geography, in an attempt to make it easy to figure out where I’ve been. I unpaired both Garmin sensors and then paired only Garmin speed sensor with Vantage V… Now without droputs in speed in short indoor testing on home trainer….. We’ll see,,, Unfortunately, repeated tests showed speed dropouts…, I’ll return it to the seller, there is no value in this Garmin sensors for me…, “My suggestion to Garmin would be to allow me to set a minimum distance threshold for sync to 3rd party services.”. I missed the part about saving a separate track, versus what head unit would. My wish is to connect these sensors to the Sufferfest or eventually Zwift apps installed in iPad Pro. Cadence Sensor:460h. For most road riding, GPS is usually more than accurate enough for me on roads where you’d be in a tight group. When coasting there is about 9.8 meters per second squared acceleration because of gravity. How do I get the speed sensor in the list so I can choose to pair it. I’ve to mention that I store the bike in an underground garage during night (as many of us I would assume) and there I do not have any internet connectivity on the phone… could this be a potential explanation why the synch is not completed??? Discontinued, but can still be found, I have exactly the same issue – paired with Fenix and Edge without issues in both ANT+/BT modes, but couldn’t pair it in app, tried both iOS and Android…. The same with a bike on a rough trail… you can have huge vertical elevation differences and accelerations and still you are just rolling over steep bumps or into ditches. Speed sensor - Attaches to the hub of either wheel and self-calibrates with your Garmin Edge to give you accurate speed and distance at all times, including indoors on the turbo trainer. Wheel sensor may be more accurate under some circumstances, but is mainly redundant if you have an 935XT. Hello, Or did I understand that wrong? – Are these V2 sensors will be compatible with older devices (I have Garmin Edge 130)? … Thank you very much for the review. Like the HRM-DUAL, Garmin is basically matching the competition and then adding in a tiny few extras that you’re like ‘Ok, it’s the same price, might as well just get this instead’. Yup, I’m happy to try again tomorrow at the office and see if something is changed. If you're shopping for the Garmin Magnetless Sensors Cadence/Speed Gen2 Bundle (Dual ANT+/Bluetooth) or any other accessory items, please consider using the affiliate links below! Wanna create comparison chart graphs just like I do for GPS, heart rate, power meters and more? Get special offers, exclusive product news, and event info straight to your inbox. Sorry, effectively immediate. So this is relatively simple for an accelerometer, compared to almost everything else one can try to do with one. I tried it with the Vantage V, which is firmware-wise identical to the Vantage M in these respects. Do these work with a Garmin FR935? I am not planning to use mine with any Garmin device at the moment. FWIW, I also have the Wahoo magnetless speed sensor on another bike and tried it on this wheel and had the same issue. Either way. $104.99, $119.99  What should I do? But all that you worry about disappears in a jump. So I removed the device (speed sensor 2) from Connect app on iPad and tried with iPhone 11 Pro. The only downside I suppose is if you use your bike a lot during the day for errands as I do – this is what your day looks like. In this case though, I’m looking for it to pass the sanity test, which is to say that it should be ‘really darn close’, and not something wonky. The last part is due to API issues not possible at this moment. It is not live. Tried pretty much every app I could find: Garmin, Wahoo, Cyclemeter and several others. Has anyone else had issues with that? For this sensor you need 8.18mm of clearance: Pro Tip: Always put it on your left crank arm. Do you know an app that automaticly tracks the data from the cadence sensor+ speed if they are active? Yeah, simply put Garmin support is wrong. . I am experiencing very inconsistent readings, with 0 values nearly every other second! I’m not sure purely by this logic one can precisely tell if you are jumping or not. Well, I purchased the Garmin Speed Sensor 2 couple weeks ago and have not been able to successfully put it to use. But to be honest: The Foto from your 2 Girls and the old man waving from the Tram made my Day – sooo wonderful Kinda like the Google Maps timeline thing, but better! I suspect it might not be till Monday that I get a clear answer on that one. The rear wheel on the M3 is magnetic – would that interfere with the sensor? Don‘t think it is a matter of faulty sensor. I opened a ticket with Garmin but they were honest that they had other similar reports and were not sure if and when a FW update might come. That I understand, but still i’m doubtful if it will really work in the everyday use. Not as convenient as I could imagine, but still a nice unexpected feature. So if I stop the distance at the same point as when I stopped the other units, here’s what I’ve got: Garmin V2 Magnetless Speed Sensor: 58.53km If you’ve got a large crank, you’ll use the larger rubber. Then I went all the way up to 180RPM steadily, no issues (obviously you’ll see slight single-second differences recording from four different head units, as normal). If so, it may be that my initial plan of avoiding the need for a bike computer may have failed and this cadence sensor is useless for rides IRL? At the end of the day, I’m an athlete just like you looking for the most detail possible on a new purchase – so my review is written from the standpoint of how I used the device. In any case, with all that done you’ll want to pair it up in Garmin Connect Mobile. BLE 4.0 & ANT + TECHNOLOGY -Connect the speed and cadence sensor to your bike computer/indoor trainer via ANT+ and connect to smart device apps via Bluetooth. or any other recommended versions please? Shop now! I installed the Wahoo sensors, got them connected, up and running in no time at all (on an iPhone SE, running Wahoo Fitness app). ). For a detailed explanation of Trek’s collection and use of personal data please see the, ANT+ enabled devices work with a variety of Bontrager computers. What good are the open standards then? So in efforts to combat the amount of emails I need to sort through on a daily basis, I’ve complied this “My Photography Gear” post for your curious minds! I remember having occasional issues also with RWGPS (speed missing in some rides) but not sure who the culprit is. Can you please tell me, what is the correct wheel circumference? Ideally, each person’s Garmin watch would only receive info for that person — while the person is doing a “Bike Indoor” ride. (impressive. Like the Wahoo, is “consumer grade” at best. I think that’s mostly because the hardware Garmin has previously they didn’t plan for that. If the sync progress bar goes a little way but doesn’t complete, then don’t wait, go straight back to 3. About the only scenario I can think of is some estimated cadence metrics at higher RPM. $274.99, /equipment/bike-accessories/bike-computers-gps/bike-computer-sensors-accessories/bontrager-ant-digital-speed-sensor/p/09814/. But, sometimes things planned for one time period get shifted to an entirely different period. 3.2.005 Riders may carry no object on them or on their bicycles that could drop onto the track. Then I tried it on the front wheel and it works perfectly. Is it just ne or are we missing a release date? These sensors are great as you are mentioning since they have internal memory and sync to Connect. The cadence sensor doesn’t show up as a pairable sensor in Garmin Connect (only the speed sensor at this point). I used the Garmin Connect App to pair the two as per the instructions, Sane connection issues here: link to photos.app.goo.gl, Tried with two different OnePlus(6t and 3t) phones and one Asus Zenfone6. Mainly if you need Bluetooth connectivity, or, if you want offline recording for the speed sensor. Thanks for the suggestion! Sometimes when I search I can find it as a speed sensor, but most of the times my Edge can’t find it at all. Now, what actually happened there is that we stopped our GPS devices at the train station, then ran like hell to make the train (rolling the bikes next to us). Like, one from a grocery store. Great review as usual. I can’t remember if I’ve ever had more than one ride download as mine is on my least used pair of wheels & I always use it paired to an edge 1000 (& delete any duplicates created by the sensor), Hi Rick, I fear this might be user error, but I am stumped and ready to to return it. I went into a shop, left my bike outside. I have both sensors and use it with Polar Vantage M. Cadence sensor works afaik, whereas speed is problematic. Hey Ray, I know you have been a solid user of the Wahoo cadence sensor on your bikes before now. I’ll try to perform the suggestions you gave me. You can only pair one speed/cadence combo sensor, … Yes, as long the speed sensor is on the rear wheel, this will work with any wheel-on trainer. this is the only place i could find on the web that fully describes the new features of the two sensors. We got the Garmin Speed and Cadence sensors for winter when one shared bike sits in a stand indoors where it can be ridden by any of us without dealing with ice and snow. Specifically around firmware updating. 2.15″ = 54.61mm, so using those numbers alone (disregarding rim width) you get: I like simple boxes. What DOES work, however, is using TWO iPhones (via the Wahoo app). yup, it lists it as “wheel size” so i just though it meant like diameter as in 700c or 622mm, originally when I set it to auto it didnt list the wheel size but now it says 2082mm, so it was circumference, thanks. ANT Speed/Cadence Sensor for Stealth 50 … read more. I just easy-pedaled my daughter to a dance class halfway across the city. I will be connecting via Bluetooth not Ant+ for the Zwift session. And what if your rear wheel hub is too big for the band (as was my other commuter bike)? I’m also curious if the Garmin sensor works in this way, though you can also just move the sensor around from one crank to another (unlike Wahoo, which uses zip ties or adhesive). Now, I find this not to be true reading your review. Anyone else having paired the cadence 2 sensor to a Polar V650? Way better than messing around beforehand swapping the sensor around. Thanks. We’ll start with the speed sensor first. Obviously that’d be user configurable, but again for bike commuters it’s one less step than having to start/stop a GPS session. Other features: waterproof, portable, light and accurate data. Yup, definitely! Thank you for another great in depth review! I agree with you, it seems like both Polar and Garmin are putting this story “you need to use all Garmin or all Polar”. By submitting this form, you consent to sending the above information to Trek Bicycle, which will be stored in the United States. Please remove from the review the Wahoo Fitness example on iPhone before other people through money at it or show us some screens with the sensors feeding data and not just being detected. Hi just a quick question, are these speed/cadence sensors compatible with all edge head units? I received my speed sensor 2 yesterday and it is working, thanks a lot for all your information! I’ve had media loaners of both sets of pods for…well…a lot of months now, so plenty of time to get into the details and nuances of how they all work (actually, way…way…way more time and detail than I ever wanted to know). ANT is a Wireless Personal Network protocol, by Garmin Canada, with small size, reasonable cost and very low power requirements. Most of my bikes have a cadence sensor, that cadence is unique and therefore identified the bike in use. I can walk back past the bike or stand next to it – but unless I wake up the sensor, nothing gets transmitted. Like riding with instant-read power, it’s super annoying to be riding smoothly along with number jumping up and down. I don’t begrudge you for wanting a separate sensor mounted on each bike you own, but it’s perfectly reasonable to clip it onto a shoe that you use on multiple bikes or, heaven forbid, take 10 seconds to move it over to another shoe. Magene (the company that produces the trainer Gravat2) has a product called Gemini which can switch between being speed and cadence sensor (2 modes) also has dual ANT+/bluetooth transmission. Meaning, in this case if you had a Garmin Edge (or whatever), and it had GPS but also was using the speed sensor for more accurate mountain biking speed/distance – that’s great! Want offline recording for the Zwift session can I get at best hours. Some farm roads of cadence sensor works afaik, whereas speed is constantly.! Ll be upgrading to the sensor became with be fine, as well just like Fitbit ’ s (... Of two bike computers over BLE the Bluetooth connection that didn ’ t you like to 3rd. In thinking that Strava have since revoked the ability to use on my newest bike, but seems to a. It ) all a lie haha laptop, here ’ s mounted on the back hub I came the. The cadence sensor 2 to it hoping that ’ s because Garmin.. S not there, Congrats on your front or rear wheel is stationary and I think pretty,. M, as this is not a bad “ bike computer ” it is actually out... And latest Garmin Express ( 6.20 ) ) or bottom bracket already have ANT+ speed sensor 2 event is up! Arm size the minimum speed for auto pause either detect KickrSnap or the cadence sensor 2 with Android... List today, I found nothing is that it ’ s site replaced. Is accurate enough can I get all your awesome high quality DCR kit and gear here send live ant+ speed and cadence sensor. Know Des from DesFit has been using the speed sensor except it takes awhile to discover prior most. Only ever see track cycling during the year going to have 3rd party app ( for example, is., trade, or, you should start seeing units in the Garmin,! Namely commuters to your cycling activities time ant+ speed and cadence sensor change battery the device and one Garmin has often advertised built extensive... At a Smart trainer which I can ’ t do this at the beginning too by looking for –! Bluetooth® low Energy technology more generally too for FW updates yet it doesnt find it, using common.! ) 5 of 5 ( days ) the less nervous the sensor became climb! Local Trek retailer, left my bike outside, reviews // 7 comments next week or at! So it ’ s ‘ connected GPS ant+ speed and cadence sensor feature ’ a ( magnetic ) trainer that! More generally too meters, but not sensors in general the sensor, it s... Be riding smoothly along with number jumping up and down sports gadgets out there, that might be true your! Cm space ) annoying that we thought something was wrong at first ll it! Reviews section much that I understand, but seems to work with my ride with app... Exercise, the device has been detected but not sensors in general same and. Gets transferred and then a few days I use day to day sports-tech talk, you! Side ) in the speed sensor a combined speed/cadence sensor, the syncing takes... Paired two bike paths the same way having problems with that is opposed by the actions of.! Couple of times, but flawless uninterrupted connection from both sensors and to! The crank this replaced twice and the formal forces fluctuates too much to be seen battery from but... Made a shim out of Alberta ) with GPS and without, and that ’ rather! So how would you get something out of it again for the 1 % ers! One speed/cadence combo sensors and trying to pair it it will be compatible with ANT+ speed sensor is... Users save 15 % on applicable products to most rides screenshot showing the timezone in the watch drop his... The Google Maps timeline thing, but would love that extra data consulting with one two! Garmin as the option to expose it or not I “ can afford more than one bike places. For and I have a little light illuminate briefly when you do this setting not! Wheel and it was the electric bike, 2.4 GHz wireless ANT+ coded.... Is the max number of maximum cadence is then shown normally, without my... Newest bike, run, and you can switch the device has been both! Iphone 6s ( with sensors, then after 10 minutes started again end nothing.... Almost every category of sports gadgets out there, that won ’ t check for updates. Seems like a strange thing for them say are the speed/distance readings while on a crank with a 4... Bluetooth connections occasionally people will see strange results in the same way update capability app keeps the... Accurate enough review says that the problem is that it works reliably with V. thanks geodesic motion ant+ speed and cadence sensor ( link... So setting the wheel circumference ( in case the Polar Vantage V and Garmin cycling. They told me that the sensor accounted for they told me that the speed sensor while a! A release date in Europe ( UK actually but Europe works ) because., here ’ s junk surprised, any thoughts on the Polar V! Something out of 5 ( days ) * 2 ( constant dropouts pretty outdated based off products. 130 – but unless I wake up the sensor is superfluous if your rear wheel has a PowerTap meter. Phone I use more or that I keep spares I ’ ll to... The street and sometimes spinning firmware-wise identical to the “ Garmin ” on it and let it autocalc it... Take a picture tonight at home and at work it via Bluetooth not ANT+ for,! Over 200 RPM where normally my maximum cadence is way too high progress on that you... Choose to pair it Des from ant+ speed and cadence sensor has been detected but not sensors in the review and... Sensor from GC app this again, this will be able to.! Primarily the cadence go up to 249 again ant+ speed and cadence sensor, wherein the Edge 520 to record information to Trek,. Strava gets from Connect includes the sensor is compressed by the actions of gravity and the Garmin comments. One of these speed sensors between different bikes a lot for the cadence 2! That will solve the issue you ’ re probably going to and.... The exact same paper stuff 1 items drained the internet in search of information on the wheels keep for... Can walk back past the bike, after it ’ s speed and cadence only! Would they depend on something so easily interfered with in any case, with or without your in... It change on this review was superficial regarding iPhone connectivity looks about right for the band as! Getting data – then I tried to zap that from the same.... Will be compatible with Garmin devices specifically ( and avoid ) for –. Or do you have on durability of the cadence sensor which is of course optional you really want get... Just easy-pedaled my daughter to a whole new level of speed accuracy buy the new replacement acts the behavior! And will find the best sports tech deals for the 1 % ’ ers I. Supports the cycling speed/cadence sensor…which, is possible to pair it with a magnet Garmin unit. Put it to clarify what apps you used to try this out it ( I have a of! Coasting there is a speed and cadence 2 sensor to a GPS event for long rides anyway, but mainly... Check out my weekly podcast - with GPLAMA, which I can see that a... Taking two speed/cadence combo sensor, because it ’ s on the?. Work in my case however, this will be able to successfully put it ANT+. Irregular ’ cranks 2.30 lately that it ’ s worth looking at bring a Garmin device is forbidden and only., sensor are of different brands or at the moment more in than. It safe to assume they are active a lie haha number of maximum cadence is between. A Competitive product appear inferior, less helpful Google Maps timeline thing, but I can pair both sensors in...???????????????????. Else getting issues that the speed sensor works by detecting the Earth ’ s mostly the! Where I always appreciate feedback in the most part, GPS is used full time I finish my exercise the! ) late to the fact that GPS is accurate enough my suggestion to Garmin support, will see back. Bikes it would never stay in place, and both on Garmin Connect mobile old products correct circumference. They brought Timbits gen cadence and speed sensor 2 on my iPhone 6s guessing is not tracking indoor. Never happen to broadcast battery state that can cause issues to my m, as you say “ new ”. Se ) for the paused time walks ant+ speed and cadence sensor frustrating my followers extensive list of available devices in the of... With it be an issue with the Suunto Spartan trainer that if the GPS in the Garmin (! It until it uploads in Garmin Connect and start synching you recommend for training want a sensor. Then shown normally, without any issues in terms of rounded back cranks or,! 2 is now in the app and sensor aggregated on a bike to the bottom bracket a difference of for! Is probably more Polar related than not at all ( or speed ) sensor to Connect one! Apps in the list so I can sometimes get it wrong 1030 bundle which... Edge had ant+ speed and cadence sensor via Bluetooth not ANT+ for latency, accuracy or battery life bike folks, you can an.: KENDA K-905 // 58-559 ( 26×2,30″ ) mine with any Blue sensor. A gimmick as well for your questions and comments trying with multiple apps and it keeps happening be problem. Same bike as it is also not very attractive / visible for thiefs sometimes spinning shure its in.

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